R.D. Sherrill is an award-winning journalist who has served as crime and courts reporter for the Southern Standard Newspaper in McMinnville for nearly 25 years. While by-lining several thousand real-life crime stories over his career,Red Dog Saloon – inspired by stories about a honky-tonk of ill-repute in his hometown – was his first foray into fiction. Since it’s release in late 2013, Red Dog Saloon has sold on five continents and has been met with overwhelming five-star reviews.
His second book, Average Joe, was released in mid-2014 and has also recieved high praise from readers and fans. A tale of five regular guys who conspire to rob their entire hometown, Average Joe captures the essense of small town life and examines the often-blurred line between good and evil. 
His most recent novel, Friday Night Frights, is the first in a series of novels featuring Texas Ranger Ashley Reynolds. In the book, a serial killer is on the loose in Texas, his blood lust compelling him in a human hunt under the Friday night lights of the Texas gridiron. Tasked with stopping the brazen slasher’s reign of terror is Reynolds. The young, head-strong criminal profiler reluctantly joins forces with Federal Agent Jack Looper, the sleuth’s superior instincts overshadowed only by his immense ego. Together, they span the Lone Star State on the hills of the killer, even as they both fight demons of their very own.
Duane29Sherrill’s varied, and occasionally bizarre, experiences reporting the goings-on of a small, rural, southern town have provided endless inspiration for his stories and have helped bring his fictional characters to life. His motto for writing is “all thriller – no filler” supporting his mission to provide great stories with action-packed plots and absolutely nothing but pure entertainment on each page. His style of storytelling ensures readers will stay up deep into the night to find out what happens next. With his everyday style of writing, Sherrill wishes to engage even the most casual of readers.
Sherrill is presently on tour promoting Friday Night Frights ahead of the 2015 release of his fourth novel, Murder U. He lives in McMinnville with his wife and two sons.



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